Nintendo's next-gen gaming console is officially on track for release in March 2017. Codenamed the "NX," the new Nintendo console will feature what CNN reports will be a "brand-new concept." Unfortunately, that's everything we know so far about the system.

No, seriously. We know nothing else. And that's pretty disconcerting.

Hopefully, Nintendo will release more information, any additional information, in June at the E3 video game expo. But something here seems... odd. The company announced the NX by casually mentioning it in one of their quarterly reports. For a video game company that has such strong brand recognition and a loyal following, you'd think they'd put a bit more pizzaz into this announcement. Considering how poor sales for the Wii U have been, making a big deal about a brand-new console with a "brand-new concept" would seem like a pretty good way for Nintendo to leave their past behind and excitedly anticipate the future.

Also, there are no official pictures of the NX. Announcing a console and a release date, but not even providing some sort of concept art for the system, feels incomplete.

Perhaps this is all part of a greater marketing ploy, perhaps not. Most importantly though, we'll now have an additional 3 months to save up our Christmas money and get the new system.

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