Popular YouTube game reviewer JonTron keeps his series named 'StarCade' going! In the series, Jon takes a look at the Star Wars games of yesterday.

While most of the Star Wars games are pretty good, there was time where they just plain sucked.

In the latest episode of 'StarCade,' our friend JonTron plays some games that spawned from Star Wars Episode 1.

I remember the first time that I ever played the Episode 1 game on PSX, and it was pretty much awful. However, I will agree that Episode 1 Racer for Nintendo 64 was pretty...would you say....BOMBAD?!?! HA HA! No?

Dammit George Lucas, why was Episode 1 so damn kid friendly? Actually can I be honest? I don't mind Star Wars Episode 1 that much. I mean come on, Darth Maul was pretty much a bad ass, and that ending lightsaber battle was pretty epic.

Anyway, watch that video okay?