If it wasn't enough that we have to worry about surveillance balloons being flown over the country and an unidentified flying object that got shot down over Lake Huron recently, now we have to ask the question of why someone was seen trailering a TIE fighter from the film series Star Wars somewhere on the highway Downriver.

Recently someone posted a photo online showing the TIE fighter strapped down to a trailer headed up the highway south of Detroit and had a lot to say about the sighting:

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This sh*t Downriver getting goofy..
First UFOs, then-Homeland Security, and border patrol all over.
Then flying drones all over the river, yesterday a Black Hawk helicopter fully armed flying in weird directions, and then whatever you want to call this

Brian Russell Raymond (Used with Permission)
Brian Russell Raymond (Used with Permission)

Someone Is Lovin' It

One person had a simpler and possibly more logical explanation...

Calm down people....it's just the part to fix the ice cream machine at Mcdonalds!

But in reality, the most likely scenario is that someone is getting an early start to Comic-Con, but there is still quite a bit of time before any of those conventions are taking place to my understanding, so it seems a little mistimed that this thing would already need to be brought up here.

It's my personal opinion that one must use logic when it comes to spotting this really cool piece of nostalgia and we should be lucky that someone was able to capture the thing that was shot down a few weeks ago out in the open like that. TIE Fighters are real and birds aren't. Welcome to Earth.

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