When you pop in a video game, there is always an intro level or a full motion video sequence that just 'sucks you in' to play this video game. A moment in the game that just makes you yell, "YEA, LET'S DO THIS!"

Here is a list of games that made that happen for me, and just MADE me want to play that game.

  • Final Fantasy VII

    If there was a game that just 'shocked' me into liking it, Final Fantasy VII for PSX did that very well. The sword battle between Seifer and Squall was epic, the random cuts to characters during the sequence, etc. It just really grabbed me into the game and you knew that you were in for something crazy. At the end of the FMV sequence, Squall and Rinoa are about to fall into each others arms, but before that happens, it cuts away to the title of the game.

    Add an epic score from Nobuo Uematsu and you have an intro that captivated gamers into a game that is met with a love/hate relationship.

    Even if many think the game is mediocre compared to other Final Fantasy games, you can't deny the greatness that was the intro FMV sequence, which at the time, was amazing to see in a video game.

  • Super Metroid

    I know, I have mentioned this game more times than I have most likely said my wife's name, but everything from the title screen, intro story, and intro level. This game grabs you and never let's go. The moment you power on the game, the creepy music, the faint sound of the Metroid's cry, and the image of 3 dead scientists while the Metroid sits there is something that you could never forget.

    Then a intro story begins explaining what happened prior to the game, followed by an amazing rendition of the Metroid theme music that at the time the game was released was amazing to hear in a video game. The typing slowly crawls across the screen...then the last thing typed is..."Ceres Station was under attack."

    SAY WHAT? Time to blow things up! Taking out space aliens! BOOM! POW! EXPLOSION! Wait what?

    You arrive at Ceres Space station and their is nothing there, it's quiet...you're too late. You walk through the silent space station to find the Metroid gone and everyone is dead.

    Alright, if I tell you about this again, I won't have enough energy to tell you about the others...so if you want to read more about Super Metroid, simply click here.

    This intro was one of the most impressive intro's I have seen to date, and it still wow's me 20 years after. I LOVE this game.

  • Resident Evil 4

    I have played the Resident Evil games since the first one hit the PSX. However, when Resident Evil 4 came out, it revolutionized the 3rd person shooter.

    You play as Leon Kennedy, out to save the President's daughter. You start off at a random house where there is a man tending to a fire. Leon asks if the man has seen this girl, the man replies in spanish and Leon begins to walk off, then out of nowhere the man ATTACKS Leon! However, this isn't the most memorable part though...it's when you make it to the village. However, if this part didn't happen and you were thrown into the village, you'd die in 4 seconds. That first sequence taught you the control of the game, making the village sequence actually playable.

    Now to the village. The moment you step in the village, they ALL start to attack you! You eventually rush into a house and the villagers coordinate to trap and kill you, then you hear a sound you will never forget....a chainsaw. Villagers are breaking windows, climbing ladders, breaking down doors, all trying to kill you! Your only task? SURVIVE!

    After you survive, bells begin to ring and the pandemonium ends. Then the title of the game shows up.

    Along with Super Metroid, this playable intro to the game sets up the greatness that is Resident Evil 4 exceedingly well. I've heard that people just turn on the game sometimes just to play the intro, that's how effective it was! However, it was just a hint to a game that is near perfect.

  • The Last of Us

    Unfortunately I have not played a ton of this game, but I do plan to at some point. However, I did get to play the intro level of the game, and it was something that you would see in a movie.

    You play as Joel and the world has gone to complete crap. An infection has taken over and it is no longer safe at home. However, before you even take control of Joe, you take control of his daughter who is just wondering what is going on. You travel through the house looking for her father (Joel). Eventually you find him and he's flustered, something has gone terribly wrong. Then your infected neighbors try breaking into the house and Joel shoots them. You get into a car with a friend and are driving along the road and there is panic everywhere.

    To fast forward a bit, Joel tries to take his daughter to safety, but is blocked by a quarantine officer. He tries to reason and the officer threatens to kill him. The officer proceeds to shoot and ends up shooting his daughter.

    Sadly, this is an intro that I cannot put effectively into words, but it is an emotional roller coaster of an intro. If you want to see it, simply click here.

    I tried!

  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

    If you have played Mario games, you are used to the normal happy go lucky Mario game, and you know you don't get to Bowser till the end right? Well, in this game...WRONG!

    The first thing you do is go to Bowser's Castle and face him! Talk about going backwards! This is the first RPG game featuring Mario, and it knocked it out of the park!

    Princess has been kidnapped again and you have to save her. You see Bowser's Castle in a whole new light in complete 3D, which we had never seen before! You run through the castle and finally catch up to Bowser on the chandeliers. Bowser even goes on to say, "That's it Mario, this is it!" Basically saying that he is going to KILL MARIO! Well of course, Mario avoids the attack and wins the battle! All is good right? Nope! A violent earthquake occurs and a mysterious sword falls out of the sky RIGHT into Bowser's Castle.

    This isn't the most epic intro, but it did something to Mario that we never expected, and that grabbed me into the game. It started you off with the familiar formula and then threw you into another direction. That is what is so captivating about it.