Back in 1993, the Super Mario Bros. Movie took a stab at the last name of the well known red plumber Mario.

For years, fans have wondered what the official last name of Mario was.

Was his last name actually Mario Mario?

According to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto in a recent Japanese Super Mario Bros. celebration, Super Mario's last name is actually...Mario.

'Mario Mario'

Cause why not right?

The game is called Super Mario Bros, implying that Mario and Luigi's last name is 'Mario.' Which is funny because ever since the movie back in 1993, Miyamoto has never confirmed what the last name of Mario was.

I figure it's a case of Miyamoto finally just answering the question that I am sure he has been asked for years ever since the movie came out, and probably having some fun with it. However, you heard it from the creator himself.

Every game from this point forward that just stars Mario will be called 'Super Mario Mario.' (not really...)

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