Mamma mia! The Mitten State has gotten the Super Mario Bros. treatment! If you're like, "I totally need this," - good news, you can buy it!

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Someone has made a very cool map of Michigan in the style of the Super Mario Bros. video games!

Now, I'm going to pretend to be a gamer, BUT I did indeed play Super Mario Bros. with my older bro when we were kids. We had the Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt combo Nintendo game - and it was the best! Plus, I'm super nostalgic for anything 90s... so I love this.

An artist based in France who goes by Sir Lazz shared their creation on Twitter and its racking up lots of likes!

Sir Lazz says he was commissioned to make the Super Mario map of Michigan.

Folks on Twitter were intrigued and asked some good questions, like

How do you decide between the orange and red town markers? This is excellent, btw! Thanks for sharing!

Sir Lazz replies,

In the game, red levels have a secret exit, so I color in red every "level" (cities here) that connects to more than two others ! But honestly it's mostly cosmetic ;)

Another person wondered about the decision to place a korok where the Manitou islands should be?

Sir Lazz says,

Drop something in the middle to unlock the island maybe ? :p

Mostly though, people just wanted to know how they could get their own copy!

Sir Lazz via
Sir Lazz via

Well, Sir Lazz is selling Super Mario Michigan map posters, stickers, and T-shirts here.

Sir Lazz via
Sir Lazz via

Michigan isn't the only state to get pixellated; Sir Lazz has also made Mario maps of Florida, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Iowa, Minnesota, and more.

Sir Lazz has done countries like India and Italy - and even the whole earth in what they call "Mushroom Style".

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