I can't believe that 30 years ago today, Super Mario Bros. was released to the world!

It is one of the most, if not, THE most iconic video game to ever grace a video game console. It saved the video game industry after the video game crash of 1983, and is beloved by many to this day.

How can anyone forget their first time through World 1-1?

The earliest time that I can remember playing Super Mario Bros. was at one of my father's friends place. He had a small TV and I just remember trying to move right and dying pretty quickly.

One of most memorable moments though is playing SMB at my place when I was REALLY young and making it to World 1-4, it was Koopa's first level (he was Koopa before he was Bowser). I was playing the level and my mother and brother were actually cheering me on as I played the game. I unfortunately lost but I remember that being quite the exciting moment.

Super Mario Bros. is a video game staple. I can't find a person in this world that hasn't at least played it once and enjoyed it! Who doesn't like Super Mario Bros?

Nintendo posted a really cool interview with Super Mario Bros. creators down below, and even features some VHS footage from when the game was being created.

Happy birthday Mario!

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