When voice actors do the voices of the characters they portray in person, it can either be great and fun, or pretty awkward. We're a little on the fence of this one. 

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and friends, has been at it for 26 years. Watching him reenact the voices and mannerisms of Mario, Luigi, Wario and even Donkey Kong, you almost wonder if he has split personalities because he's such a natural! It's also great to see him doing the voice of Mario as he's playing a Mario game.

We all know that hearing your own voice on a recording is kind of awful, but imagine being the iconic voice of a character loved by millions! We don't think the pressure effects Martinet, though he is one of the most enthusiastic people and if he worked in our office, we can't promise we wouldn't sneak muscle relaxers into his drinks.

Either way, this man is great and we hope he lives forever!

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