Yes, you read the title of this blog right.

A game that you need to play before you get buried into the ground is a simple game of Golf.

I know, it sounds boring but this game is actually a lot of fun to play when you have nothing else to play.

What: Golf is exactly what you think it is. You play 18 holes of golf in your choice of two courses in Japan or the U.S.A.

Why: Not really sure why I like this game that much, but I just do. I remember the first time that I ever played this game was in grade school. A friend of mine had a Game Boy with this game and he was playing it. It was so much fun that when we had homework time, our teacher would ask for the Game Boy during this time and he would play the game himself when we worked on our studies!

I think the game is a lot of fun because of the ease of play. Typical golf is pretty intimidating, but Nintendo made the golf for Game Boy actually fun. Added some fun sounds, made each course have a different challenge, and it wasn't the same score over and over. It was just plain fun and really passed the time, kind of like Tetris.

I'm not looking to convert you to start golfing, but if you are looking for a golf game that isn't full of crap and Tiger Woods, Golf on Game Boy is surprisingly fun!