I recently popped this game into my Super Nintendo last night, and I forgot how fun it was. I also forgot how strange of a game it is.

The first game had a serious tone to it, while the second game was more of a crazy drug trip.

What: Earthworm Jim 2, the evil Psycrow has kidnapped Princess Whats-Her-Name! Earthworm Jim has to have her!

Why: The first game had a certain deep tone to the game. Jim had this serious look on his face and he was out to save the world. It also had darker colors and didn't look bright.

Then Earthworm Jim 2 came about and threw all of that out the window! Jim's trademark gun wasn't the only weapon you could wield. You could now shoot a gun that the ammunition were houses, a bubble gun that did nothing, and a gun that obliterated everything.

Besides firepower, Jim also had to avoid falling grandmothers, dress up as a larval stage worm while floating through a stage, haul pigs onto scales, carry cows and milk them to open gates, catch puppies that Psycrow throws out a window and bounce them on a marshmallow to safety or they explode on the ground, etc.

Simply look back and re-read what I just wrote. Make you wonder what drugs they were smoking to make this game right?

That's what makes this game so fun though, it's craziness. It's unlike anything you will ever see today! PETA was hooting and hollering about Mario wearing a Tanooki suit right? Well, Psycrow was throwing puppies out of a window to their death back in the '90's.

Besides it's shock factor, it is an extremely fun game to play. It has just enough challenge to make it beatable, but to also not let you do it in one go. The amount of weapons, craziness, and platforming keeps the game fun to play.

Sadly this wasn't the last Earthworm Jim game as Earthworm Jim 3D came out and ruined the franchise, but at one point in history, Earthworm Jim had action figures, comics, and even a TV show!