At 12:01am on Friday morning, Meijer released all of the new Star Wars merchandise to the masses with Star Wars Force Friday!

Tons of new toys, drones, shirts, and even coffee creamer was released and WGRD was there to kick off the party!

I was able to snag up at least one action figure of Kylo Ren, which seemed to be the most popular action figure to pick up along with Captain Phasma.

There were some really cool figures! However, the best things were also the most expensive. But that didn't stop Star Wars fans from snagging CART LOADS of Star Wars merchandise! I even saw a cart full of most likely over $400 worth of merchandise. You could tell that there were some hardcore collectors out there, but there was also just fans of the franchise enjoying the fun, and that is where I would put myself.

Not gonna lie, I used to be a hardcore Star Wars collector, but video games took over that void after realizing just how many variations of Star Wars figures there are, it's insane.

Check out the video below of the Star Wars madness!

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