It's been a long time coming, but with the latest game consoles coming out and the last gen consoles on their way out, it's times to do a Top 5 games for my most used game console from the last generation.

I have always considered myself a classic gamer, but the Xbox 360 was the first game console I started getting hardcore on, and now, the console is making it's way out.

The Xbox 360 was my core video game console during this era of gaming. I did own a Nintendo Wii and I did play that a TON in college, and a Playstation 3, but not till much later in it's lifespan.

The Xbox 360 was my game console that I plugged a ethernet cable into and played online.


  • Gears of War 3

    Gears of War 3, to this day, is still my number 1 game on the Xbox 360. The first game was great, but definitely shows it's age, and we'll get to the second one soon, but GOW 3 was the pinnacle of the Xbox 360.

    From the stellar gameplay, the emotional story, and the game looked amazing. It really seemed like a sick action movie in a game. It also set the standard of 'duck n' cover' gameplay, which most games today still have trouble trying to perfect.

    I rarely buy a collectors edition of a game, but Gears of War 3 was an exception. On release day, I dropped over $200 on a the Epic Edition of the game and a replica of the Retro Lancer gun used in the game, which is still a pretty fun talking point when people come over to my place.

    Gears of War 3 I feel is the best damn game on the Xbox 360, and I still love it.

  • Alan Wake

    I don't really read books that much, but if this was a book, I would have read it.

    Alan Wake plays out like a modern horror/thriller novel and it does a very good job at doing that. The graphics are crisp and the game play is solid, but what really shines for this game is the sense of urgency. You're always wondering when you are going to make it to a street light so you continue to live!

    There is one moment in the game where you are running from some 'Taken' and you see a line of street lights, so of course you run for it. However as you draw closer, the lights fade, so you continue for the next, and that one fades out, and so on! It's one of the creepiest times in the game, and I love it.

    It reminds me of when you are playing an old Resident Evil and you find a safe room, that sense of security is something that a game like this can only achieve.

    Alan Wake is great, and it worth a try.

  • Left 4 Dead 2

    One of the biggest things for me on the Xbox 360 was the ability to play with friends. Playing online is fun and all, but nothing beats coming together with 4 TV's, LANing the consoles together and playing Left 4 Dead 2.

    This is a great survival game, and reminds me of a 'Tower Defense' game.

    Specifically during the 'Dark Carnival' level where you have to defend the stage until a helicopter arrives while a barrage of Spitters, Zombies, Tanks, etc are coming full force at you. My friends and I still continue to play this game, and that level just because of the sheer fun of it.

    It's a teamwork game, but there is always one person on your team that is either a 'Straggler' or 'Too Independent,' which usually means that person is going to die and you gotta go save them, which can get quite frustrating.

    And they get mad at you because your too fast or too slow! This game is great.

  • Gears of War 2

    What? Another Gears of War game?

    Yes, another GOW game, but because of how much of a change it was from the first game.

    I played the LIVING HELL out of this game, just ask any of my friends of look at my achievements on it. You'll find out pretty quickly.

    I bought this game when I was in college, living in an apartment by myself as an RA. I remember telling my friends in college that they are not going to hear from me for about a week as I play this game, and I held very true to that statement. I even got motion sickness one evening because I played it so much, I was that addicted to it.

    This game also introduced the legendary multiplayer mode known as 'Horde,' where I played the crap out of the game. I even received the achievement named 'Party Like It's 1999,' where you play a total of 1999 total online sessions...I was upsessed with it.

    Gears of War 2 & 3 are the pinnacle of Xbox 360.

  • Crackdown

    I was never the biggest fan of the Grand Theft Auto series (until 5 that is), so when I found out a game where you are basically a super cop that can be upgrades, jump up buildings, collect thousands of hidden orbs, I was hooked.

    You can steal cars and all of that good stuff, but the added portion of being an 'Agent' sold the game for me. Finding all of the different types of Orbs was a ton of fun, but I never did find EVERY single one, but I am only about 5 or less away from that.

    It was a linear game that was a lot of fun, and you wanted to collect all of the orbs because you wanted to jump higher! It was addicting!

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