Crobot hit The Stache on Saturday night, with Wilson, Mothership, Hurry Home, and Society Kills, for a fantastic show! Crobot headlined, and they set showed why they were the headliners! Great songs, high energy, fun band, and they can really play!

I first saw Crobot last year at Rock on the Range, when they played on one of the small stages. They blew me away that day, and a lot of people were talking about them and their performance the rest of the weekend!

If you haven't seen these bands live, you owe it to yourselves to check them out, as it's a kick ass show! Mothership has a cool '70s stoner rock vibe to them, Wilson is more hardcore, and Crobot has an awesome throwback style, with lots of great imagery and music!

(photo Johnnie Walker)

I don't think the bass player, Jake, stops moving for more than a second on stage, and yet keeps pretty tight with the song. Bishop plays a mean telecaster, and knows all the coolest guitar licks. Great player, lots of guitar-over-the-shoulder slinging, on time, so he doesn't miss big parts of the song. Brandon has a cool singing style, and the lyrics range from Spaceborne killers, to stuff. Paul keeps the whole thing together, with solid drumming, heavy beats, and nice fills.

This is a really good band. Get their album, 'Something Supernatural', and crank it up! I grabbed the blue splattered vinyl album at the show, and I'm super excited to play it!

Crobot is out with Wilson and Mothership on the 'Drunk as Shit' tour (not the official title, I think), and they're all having a blast together! It was Chad from Wilson's birthday on Saturday, and the guys were all celebrating quite a bit, and giving shoutouts to their buddy during the show!