First there was a Surge. Online petitions, call-ins and more eventually convinced a multi-billion-dollar company like Coca Cola to finally release the green soda to the masses.

It has succeeded on epic levels.

It was only a matter of time until other companies saw this success and jumped on board.

The first one being the Mars Company with one of my favorite candies.

That's right! Crispy M&Ms are making a glorious comeback to store shelves this January!

Crispy M&Ms didn't have the following online like Surge does, but it does have it's fans! Crispy M&Ms don't have as much of a staple in my mind as Surge did, but damn they were good! My guess is, is that M&Ms saw the Surge craze unfold and figured that they better capitalize on the popularity of bringing back retro treats. I am OK with this!

The return of Crispy M&Ms has been in the works for months according to the Senior Vice President of M&Ms. Here is a quote from him regarding it:

“When M&Ms fans talk, we listen. Consumers have made it clear that Crispy M&Ms are so irresistible, we had to bring them back.”

Well, that's pretty cool. If you want one of your childhood foods back, what would you bring back? Crystal Pepsi? PB Crisp? Josta? Squeeze It's?

Welcome back old M&M friend!