I was pretty happy to see that my favorite soda Surge was making it's official way back to store shelves. I, of course started looking at the big chain stores, but there was nothing there. It's mostly a convenience stores!

Apparently I am not the only one celebrating the fact the Surge has made a comeback.

From what I understand, and the 3 stores I have checked for the greatness of Surge, it's freaking sold out everywhere.

At 99 cents a can, how could you deny that price?

Even when I did find it on the 44th Street Shell Station, the cashier even mentioned how they were going to sell out of it within the hour! Pretty quickly after that, I noticed that a bunch of friends on my Facebook started posting pictures of cans they found.

Time to go a little hipster...Hey...I was drinking Surge before it was cool.

Anyway, you can get Surge at most local convenience stores for 99 cents a can, which is pretty awesome.

Feed the rush!

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