Surge Makes a Return to Michigan, Basically Sold Out
I was pretty happy to see that my favorite soda Surge was making it's official way back to store shelves. I, of course started looking at the big chain stores, but there was nothing there. It's mostly a convenience stores!
Apparently I am not the only one celebrating the fact the Surge has …
Big Surge Announcement Coming This Week
Surge made a huge comeback this year and hopes for fans of the green soda keep growing strong for a full national release.
The time may be coming this week as Surge is super teasing fans on Twitter.
Is Surge Returning to the Shelves in 2015?
As you know, I am a Surge addict. When it was announced that it was coming back in 2014, I pretty much soiled myself. I bought so much of the damn stuff that I had caffeine overdoses, massive headaches, and weight gain! Good ol' soda right?!
Coca-Cola did make a small announcement though at the end o…
'90s Beverage Surge Makes a Huge Comeback [Video]
Let's just say that I was one of the lucky ones.
The big news on the Internet last week was that the popular '90s beverage Surge was making it's way back to the consumer exclusively on Amazon.
The moment it was announced that it was on sale at Amazon, it sold out in minutes! Like I said, I was lucky…
'90s Kids Rejoice! Surge is Back! [Video]
Today is a joyous day in soda history!
For years, I have long awaited the return of my favorite citrus soda with carbos, whatever the hell carbos are.
After insane popular demand, the green sugar-filled soda SURGE HAS RETURNED!
Surprise Coke Bottle
Coca-Cola has a new campaign to get people talking, literally.
They are printing on their bottles "Share a coke with" and a name. The idea is you give the pop to that person and buy yourself another, in the end it's ingenious because people are buying double the pop.
Well, it happened to…

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