When the big announcement came around of the classic 90's beverage Surge making a comeback, it received a lot of media attention.

Thanks to the return of the popular soda, other companies jumped on the nostalgia train and started re-releasing some of their classic 90's products.

Think about it, 90's kids are having kids, getting married, buying houses, and supposedly have money. I say supposedly have money because we went to college and are now in debt...how exciting.

Anyway, as kids, we would ask Mom to buy us our favorite food and beverage. Face it, we couldn't afford them as kids because we didn't have money! By the time we had money those great products were discontinued.

Now, those old 90's kids (like me) have moved out of Mom's house and have money...possibly.

Thanks to Surge's comeback, other food manufacturers started bringing back some old 90's food like.

  • French Toast Crunch
  • Crispy M&M's
  • Gatorade Lemon Ice

I think these are the most known currently, except for Gatorade which I found randomly at a 7 Eleven. I remember buying this stuff in a glass bottle! That's right, Gatorade in a glass bottle!

Will the 'Nostalgic Marketing' continue? Only time will tell.

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