I've recently started watching Peaky Blinders, which is set in 1919 and features some truly extravagant buildings for the time. While it's just a show, no shortage of mansions in media makes you envious that you weren't fortunate enough to be born into an oil tycoon family or something similar.

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But, if you've always wanted to play the part, there is an award-winning mansion located in Detroit that lets you dine in a historic mansion in the heart of the city: the former residence of David Whitney Jr., or known simply as The Whitney. 


The Whitney, A Detroit Classic

While the building was built just before the turn of the 20th century, the Whitney Mansion only became a fine dining restaurant in 1986. According to a Michigan Historic Site plaque located in front of the mansion, it was built by a wealthy lumber baron named David Whitney. The mansion is inspired by Napoleonic-era architecture and has 52 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 20 fireplaces, and 218 windows.

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In 1979, the mansion was bought by Richard Kughn after he learned the building was set to be torn down. After a lengthy restoration project costing over $3 million, it was opened as a restaurant with three distinct areas; a cocktail lounge called the Ghostbar after rumors of David Whitney haunting the floors, the restaurant on the first two floors, and a garden outside.

It has won multiple awards, including "Best For Special Occasions" in the Best of Detroit 2023 voting. The staff offers tours upon request. If you'd like to take an interactive tour of the enter residence, you can do so by clicking here, otherwise, you can watch a documentary on the building below.


Detroit's James Scott Mansion: Then and Now

This iconic mansion in Detroit sat crumbling since the 1980s before being restored in 2018.

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

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