Things and Places We Miss From Grand Rapids’ Past published an article about obsolescence, businesses and things that have been a part of our lives for years, but because of emerging technologies, changing shopping/dining habits, are going away, never to be seen again. Our world is changing at a record pace.
Surge’s Comeback Sparked ‘Nostalgia Food Marketing’ [Video]
When the big announcement came around of the classic 90's beverage Surge making a comeback, it received a lot of media attention.
Thanks to the return of the popular soda, other companies jumped on the nostalgia train and started re-releasing some of their classic 90's products.
90’s Gatorade Flavor ‘Lemon Ice’ Makes a Quiet Return [Video]
When I was a kid, drinking Surge, playing Super Nintendo, eating French Toast Crunch, and dunking Dunkaroos, I started to drink sports drinks.
Even though it's not any kind of alternative to drinking healthy, it still tasted damn good. There was one flavor I loved, but it randomly disappeared, a…