For months now, I have been drinking the fine green beverage known as Surge.

Within that time, I have discovered many things about myself and my health.

Most likely the biggest thing? Pop isn't good for you.

Surge is up there with one of the more sugary beverages you can drink.

After all of my soda activism, it's time to maybe put away Surge for a bit.

Last night, I was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (the new Heist missions). As I was sitting there, I just felt tired, fat, and just really out of shape.

Before Surge showed back up on the scene, I was barely drinking pop, if at all. Then Surge came back and changed all of that.

While I agree it is an amazing beverage, it has no nutritional value and really isn't good for you. (I figure you know that about pop already, though, right?)

Surge, per 16-ounce can, has 230 calories and 56 grams of sugar (28 teaspoons).

You know what that means? You are getting fat, and that is exactly what happened to me.

I gained 10 pounds after I started rampantly drinking Surge.

I'm not 100 percent giving up on the awesome beverage, but I am going to take a break from soda all together.

Most people consider soda to be a daily beverage, when in reality, it should be treated as a treat, like candy. The thing is, with my Surge addiction, I got a little out of control with it and found every reason to drink it.

Caffeine addiction? I would say that could be a factor.

When I drank the stuff as a kid, I would burn it off in seconds running around the yard, playing with friends. Now I sit at a desk with some days that I have little to no physical activity, so it takes its toll as you get older.

Keep drinking Surge my friends, even though this soda activist is going to take a break for a bit.