When it comes to Faygo there's over 50 flavors to choose from but who knew narrowing it down to 4 flavors would cause the internet to lose it.

On Monday night, Twitter user @worldofisaac posted a picture of 4 of the most popular flavors: Grape, Orange, Redpop, and Rock & Rye and asked people to choose only ONE.

From there, the internet exploded arguing back and forth to which flavor is the best. "Rock & Rye" was even one of the top trending Twitter topics in the U.S.

Our own Governor got in on it as well by sharing her opinion.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Rock & Rye was leading the votes according to Faygo's official account.

Haha cute. And while I am a fan of orange pop, nobody does it like Crush... straight out of the glass bottle. However, this is a Faygo debate and Redpop wins all day, everyday.

What about you? Take the poll and let us know the Faygo flavor you'd go with.

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