A chihuahua in Bethel Park, ended up in the doggy emergency room after his owner had a bit too much to drink, spilled vodka all over car and he lapped it up, causing the pooch to get drunk.

44-year-old Thomas Bloedel passed out in his car last Thursday and smashed into a metal fence.  Cops showed up and found Bloedel very intoxicated and arrested him.  And it turns out that Thomas wasn't the only drunk one.  So was his chihuahua Maxwell!  It turns out that a bottle of vodka spilled on the floor of Bloedel's car and Maxwell lapped it up!  The poor pooch was so drunk that he could barely walk!

Luckily, the cops got Maxwell to a vet, they sobered him up and he's doing just fine now.  Thomas is facing charges for drunk driving, animal cruelty,= and making terroristic threats after he threatened to kill the cops for arresting him.

Source: WTAE

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