Thanks to the quick response of the The Grand Rapids Fire Department, a 13-year-old Boston Terrier Bulldog is back safe with her family.

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On Friday April 28, a Boston Terrier Bulldog named Sydney fell into the Grand River while walking with her owner.

Boston Terrier Bulldog, Canva
Boston Terrier Bulldog, Canva

The owner knew that she would not be able to reach Sydney without jumping in the river herself. However, she waited to go in until another person was there to help.

Despite her effort, she was unable to retrieve Sydney and got out of the river with help from a person on shore.

Grand Rapids dispatch was notified via 911 and the GRFD Water Rescue team was sent out.

A rescue swimmer, Firefighter Thomas Kunak assigned to Rescue 1, quickly deployed to grab Sydney.

Kunak said,

I love dogs, unfortunately, Sydney is blind and deaf, she swam away from me when I got into the river.

And with that, the chase was on.

Kunak swam about 75 yards to catch up with the wayward Sydney, who was in the current approaching the 6th Dam. Fortunately, Sydney gladly accepted Kunak's offer to be carried back to shore. Other water rescue personnel pulled the swimmer back to land by using a rope. Sydney was reunited with her owner, and both are doing well!

The owner says Sydney is "back to her spunky self" and thanks the GRFD for their hard work.

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