Chicago resident Sam Bloechl thought he was taking all the proper precautions and making sure his healthcare is taken care of that was until he was diagnosed with cancer and denied coverage. 

Bloechl originally suffered from un-diagnosed back pain when he switched his insurance.

He was assured that his back pain would not be an issue, but that all changed when his back pain turned out to be stage-four lymphoma.

As it turned out, according to a spokesperson from the insurance company, it was a "short-term policy" and his back (and thus his cancer) fell into a "preexisting condition" clause and therefore would not be covered.

To not give coverage to someone fighting cancer seems ridiculous, what's even worse is that due to Bloechl's year of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant racked up a $1 million bill that is now sending him into debt.

A spokesperson reviewed the case and revealed to CBS Chicago, "The denial is final."

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