I know the past few years haven't exactly been a cakewalk...  but is Michigan really this down in the dumps?

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A new study sought to find the happiest state in America... and well, it's definitely not Michigan.

Maybe this does actually check out because earlier this year a different study found one Michigan city to be the most depressed in the entire country, and Grand Rapids was pretty bummed out as well.

Perhaps we shouldn't get too down in the dumps though, because according to Wallethub, only 50% of Americans feel “very satisfied” with the way their personal life is going.

To figure out where Americans have the highest satisfaction with life, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 30 key indicators of happiness, like depression rate, income growth, and unemployment rate.

Wallethub ranked each state across three key dimensions:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being
  • Work Environment
  • Community & Environment

According to Wallethub, Michigan is the 33rd happiest state in the U.S.

With an overall score of 50.20, here's a breakdown of Michigan's scores in the three key dimensions:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being -32
  • Work Environment - 28
  • Community & Environment - 24

By comparison, Wallethub found Utah is the happiest state in the country. With an overall score of 69.79, here's Utah's numbers:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being - 16
  • Work Environment - 1
  • Community Environment - 1

More of Wallethub's findings:

Ten Happiest States in the U.S.

  1. Utah
  2. Hawaii
  3. Maryland
  4. Minnesota
  5. New Jersey
  6. Connecticut
  7. California
  8. Florida
  9. Idaho
  10. Nebraska

Ten Saddest States in the U.S.

  1. West Virginia
  2. Louisianna
  3. Tennessee
  4. Arkansas
  5. Kentucky
  6. Alabama
  7. Mississippi
  8. Alaska
  9. New Mexico
  10. Oklahoma

Is Your State Bummed Out? Ranking the Happiest States in America

How happy are you? Does your state share your mood? WalletHub crunched data from around the US to determine where Americans exhibit the best combination of these factors. They examined the 50 states across 30 key metrics, ranging from the depression rate and the share of adults feeling productive to income growth and the unemployment rate.
For a full breakdown of the methodology, scroll to the bottom of the gallery.

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