Pretty much every day of the year is some kind of crazy day honoring something.  Sometimes they're things worth honoring, sometimes it's stuff like "Upsy Daisy Day", where people are "encouraged to face the day positively", and other crap like that.

How about "Second Half of the Year Day".  Basically just July 1st, because no one could come up with anything else.  Seriously.

Today is a great day for celebrating, since it's "National Hamburger Day"!  What could be a better thing to celebrate than cow on bread?  Escaping the office for a little bit today, I ran down to grab a burger just to celebrate!

If you have time to make your own burger for dinner, that's a great idea.  If you don't grab something on your way home, and celebrate with some beef!  You can even leave all the salad-fixings on the burger, if it makes you feel more healthy or something.

Photo Johnnie Walker