Even though recent legislation was passed to permit baiting deer in the state of Michigan, legal baiting remains up in the air.

According to WOOD, State Rep Michele Hoitenga says hunters in West Michigan have grown accustomed to using bait so she sponsored a Bill that was passed by the house to remove the ban of baiting deer in Michigan.

The law still needs to be passed in the state Senate and right now that is where it sits.

Hoitenga said, "Baiting is a method that hunters have relied on for generations. There's absolutely no evidence it contributes to the spread of disease."

Merle Shoemaker of Al & Bob's Sports Sports in Cutlerville said, "They need to stop going back and forth with it. I think a lot of people are confused with what's legal, what's not legal. Baiting has been legal, and then not legal several times probably over the last fifteen years."

Baiting was outlawed back in 2008 due to the Chronic Wasting Disease. Regulators at the time said they believed baiting would further spread the disease.

2011 tests stated that there were no additional diseased wildlife.

Hunting license purchases have dropped drastically since the bait ban when huniting was already on a decline since the '70s.

Baiting deer does not necessarily mean a hunter will kill a deer but in a lot of areas a hunter may not see a deer at all unless there is some bait present.

It is still unclear if the bill will get passed through the Senate or if it does get passed, will Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sign it?

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