This weekend, BaCon hits the Deltaplex, with more bacon food and drink than you can even imagine!  Think about it for a with bacon, beer with bacon, desserts with bacon...all we need is girls wearing bacon, and it would be the best holiday ever!

Today, I got the pleasure to eat something I've only had one other time...and today was WAY better than that first experience, thanks to Grand Rapids Brewing Company!

Chicken Fried Bacon.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company
Chicken Friend Bacon with bacon gravy on a Michigan cheddar and maple biscuit!

Let that sink in for a minute.

Take thick, homemade bacon, put a light chicken fry batter on it, fry it, top it with bacon gravy and a pork rind, and serve it with a Michigan Cheddar and Maple biscuit!

I can die and go to heaven, now.

Chef Gabe, and Chris from Grand Rapids Brewing Company also brought some of their John Ball brown ale for us to try, and they'll be bringing both of these amazing things to BaCon this Saturday!

Grand Rapids Brewing Company
John Ball brown ale

You'll get to try their fried bacon, have some John Ball brown ale, and then vote on who has the best bacon dish in West Michigan!

Check out the entire interview with Gabe and Chris, and also learn more about their mug club, where you can get some great discounts on beer and food (how about a gallon of craft beer for $8)!

Come out on Saturday to BaCon, hang out with WGRD, and taste a lot of bacon!

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