A 55-year-old Daniel Blackwell of Dundalk, Maryland got into a huge argument with his wife and daughter on Sunday night after he made himself a grilled cheese sandwich and one of them took a bite of it.  Blackwell was so upset that he grabbed his gun and fired a shot in the house.  It wasn't at his wife or daughter, but they still got out of the house and called the cops.

Daniel was so furious that he barricaded himself inside the house and had a three-hour-long standoff with the cops!  After realizing that this was probably not the best thing to be super passionate about, Blackwell finally surrendered.  He's been charged with attempted first and second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Now, we'll be the first to acknowledge that grilled cheese sandwiches are fantastic.  Delicious, even!  There's really nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in a piping hot bowl of tomato soup.  But c'mon man!  You can't fire your gun just because someone took a bite of your sandwich!  We're assuming that this guy will be behind bars for quite a while because of this whole incident.

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