This past weekend was Father's Day and I hope all the dads out there had a great day and/or weekend. My son and I had a blast.

I scooped up my son on Friday for another father and son weekend in Newaygo County.

We had plans to get up early on Saturday morning to fish our new favorite lake so we hit the hay after a couple episodes of King of the Hill which has been our new favorite show to binge watch since the pandemic started.

I woke up a half an hour before my alarm was set and my son heard me moving around so he got up since he was excited to hit the water fishing.

We had a great day on the lake catching some blue gills and some bass. We even brought some home for a nice fresh fish fry for Saturday evening.

We got back to the house midday and decided it was time for some swimming so we went down to the Hardy Pond and took a dip in a secluded area away from people. The little guy said, "Hey Dad, we should have brought the kayaks and our fishing poles." Since we live so close to the dam, we went back and got the kayaks and fishing poles.

We had a great day of fishing and swimming and then returned home for an awesome bluegill fish fry.

Sunday, since it was Father's Day, we did something that I chose and that was to get our trail cameras ready and get some out in the woods. Late June is always a good month to put them out because the horns have just popped and deer do most of their growing in July. Plus, the bucks are together during this time and it's cool to watch the horns grow and see them with the velvet on them.

After the trail cams were out, we loaded up the kayaks for yet another fishing and swimming adventure on the Hardy Pond.

I never really thought I would catch anything real big on the kayak so I didn't bring a net, well that turned out to be a mistake...twice.

I hooked a monster northern pike that actually pulled my kayak for a bit and when he got a look at the kayak up close he ripped my line and my lure.

I little later I hooked another pike only to have the same thing happen again but nonetheless it was exciting.

My son loves to fish and he was determined to get one after seeing the action I had but unfortunately the fish won and we will have to try another day.

We ended the weekend with some s'mores and a movie night but I couldn't think of a better person in the world to share a Father's Day weekend with than my son Evan. Although if my son's older brother and my dad would have been with us, well that weekend would have been next level.