Readers of Rolling Stone have voted in an online poll of "The Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time" and the results are in with Metallica topping the list with their 1986 album, Master Of Puppets.  According to the voters, Metallica are the kings of metal with not only the top album on the list, but four records in the top ten.

Here is their list of the Top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time...

01.  "Master Of Puppets" - Metallica

02.  "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath

03.  "Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath

04.  "The Number Of The Beast" - Iron Maiden

05.  "...And Justice For All" - Metallica

06.  "Reign In Blood" - Slayer

07.  "Appetite For Destruction" - Guns N' Roses

08.  "Metallica" - Metallica

09.  "Led Zeppelin II" - Led Zeppelin

10.  "Ride The Lightning" - Metallica