Hour 1

Zane kicked off the show by pointing out the massive face wafer that was stuck to the side of Free Beer's face. Joe was grossed out by it and started to gag, especially when Free Beer tried to make his way in to Joe's booth to give him a close up! We talked about a study this morning that suggested that a lack of rhythm could actually be a medical condition. We tested Free Beer to see if he could pick up on the beat of random songs that Zane played.

Hour 2

Hot Wings gave us a baby update this morning. His second child is due next month and his wife is more than ready to have that baby! We talked about how he has become completely immune to gross things after his first 18 months as a father. We checked out a video of the world's biggest holes, which you can see in the Video Reel. It sounds really boring, but it will keep your attention for the entire length of the video guaranteed. There's a video in the Cool Links section of a model holding a snake and trying to be all sexy with it. The snake decided it wasn't happy and took a big chomp out of her can! The snake actually died of silicon poisoning and the woman was fine after going to the hospital. We played some audio from the Donald Trump roast last night, including the absolute bombing by The Situation. It was terrible.

Hour 3

We somehow got on the topic of the prostate exams that Hot Wings' and Joe's doctor gave them at a really early age. They both defended the doctor, even though numerous people called in to say that it was in no way necessary at such a young age. Are you prone to mind control? We took a test this morning that a doctor says will determine whether you are or not. You can see that in the Video Reel. Since we love the game so much, we decided to play another round of Hot Wings vs. Zane vs. Joe. We got some listeners on the line to play along as well.

Hour 4

We talked to a marathoner named Joe D'Amico this morning who is running a marathon this weekend. For the last 30 days, he has eaten nothing but food from McDonalds. You can hear that on the Interviews page. In the first FBHW Report this morning, we gave a Charlie Sheen update, as well as talked about the tranny from Thailand's Got Talent. We followed that up with some more tranny talk! We once again circled back around to the roast of Donald Trump from last night and played some more audio.

Hour 5

We talked this morning about Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. He made comments yesterday comparing the NFL to slavery when talking about the work stoppage. Yeah, great comparison. In the second FBHW Report, we played some new candid audio of Elvis Presley talking about eating beaver, as well as a prank that a guy pulled on a big company. We closed the show by talking to Joe's uncle, who is a doctor, about the prostate exam controversy that came up earlier on the show. Talk to you on Thursday morning.