By now, I'm sure you've heard all the sides to the story of KISS' induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Every year, there is some sort of "controversy" surrounding the Hall of Shame idiocy.

To summarize:

  • Paul and Gene are mad that the HOF isn't inducting ALL the members of KISS, just the original four, so they won't perform.  Their point - EVERY other band that's gotten in has been with all the members that have ever been in the band.  For some reason, they changed this just for KISS.
  • Ace and Peter claim that Paul and Gene are afraid the upcoming KISS tour will be destroyed if people see the original guys perform together, and the greedy-evil-thieving-bastards don't want to lose that money.
  • The HOF claims that the only version of the band that matters is from the 70's, so they don't want the later versions.  They don't even care about the later versions that contained Peter and Ace.

I personally think the HOF sucks, and is being the asshole here.  Every other band that's been inducted has gone in with pretty much every band member intact.  (Metallica still counts, since unfortunately Dave Mustaine never released and album with the band.)  Why would they change the rule just for KISS?

For the controversy.

They knew how the band members talk about each other, they knew the kind of s***storm it would cause.  That's why they did it!  They know people think the HOF is a joke, so they create this kind of controversy to get attention.  Otherwise, people wouldn't give two s***s about who's going in this year.

Whether they got in or not, would it change people's opinion of the band either way?  People that hate KISS will still hate them, people that love them will still love them.  No one is going to watch the ceremony and suddenly say, "Holy s***, I've had a revelation that I freaking LOVE KISS now!"

You want KISS to perform?  Let them all in.  Move the f*** on.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Live Nation)