The Japanese are a little different in some of the stuff they like.  There are some things that are just different from us loony Americans.

Here, kids watch cartoons, in Japan, the adults watch Anime.

Here, metal is angry and screamed by angry-looking dudes who are really pissed off about stuff.

In Japan, their metal can be seriously different.  I mean, SERIOUSLY DIFFERENT!

Check out the new video from a popular "metal" band named BabyMetal.  The song is called "I Love Choco!!", and is exactly about that.  Their love of chocolate.  And this is a "live" video…listen to the size of the crowd at the end.  How many people were at this show?

Next up, check out this video I found a few years ago.  The singers in this band are completely, and totally, not living.  I mean, they're animations, with some kind of keyboard vocoder thing that sings the words.  No humans were harmed in the creation of these huge Japanese music stars.

This is Hatsune Miku, a huge Japanese star.  She's a freaking hologram.  Listen to those loony bastards cheering and singing along with this!

I will admit, it's kind of cool…crap!  They got me!