When I was growing up, it was all about Game Boy. My first Game Boy that I owned was not the original pea soupy screen version, but the Game Boy Pocket. An improved version of the original Game Boy with a better screen and the use of only 2 AAA batteries! I played HOURS of Pokemon Yellow on this thing. Later on I got the other failed Handheld Consoles, but which one sticks out the most?

Still to this date, the Game Boy Pocket is still my preffered old school handheld gaming console. The battery life is amazing, the screen is clear, and it's comfortable. The only thing that bugged me about the original Game Boys was a non-backlit screen. You would have to angle a lamp behind you just right to get a proper amount of light, but I honestly really didn't care, because the games were always good!

Obviously in the picture, you can see a Sega Game Gear. I purchased that thing about 2 years ago, and while it's cool, the games were never that good. Even though the nice color and back-lit screen were there. It just goes to show you that sometimes, even the best looking consoles can't be that good unless you have the games to prove the game console.

I think the WiiU is having a similar issue at this time. Xbox One and Playstation 4 are power houses of game consoles, but they don't have the games, and they don't look like they have a variety of genre. Around the corner is the WiiU, less powerful, but the games are different, fun, and there are some REALLY good games on WiiU.

I know, I am quite the Nintendo fan boy, but just pointing out the facts :) I am sure at some point PS4 and XB1 will have their respective titles, but I get the feeling they will just be rehashes of the same FPS', while Nintendo seems to keep bringing back their old IP's but make them new and refreshing so they feel like a whole new experience!