Boobtastic GIFs of UFC Ring Girls
Nothing says you're ready to watch a muscular, tatted-up guy methodically twist a similar looking man into submission than watching the ring girls of UFC in GIF form showcasing all their boobtastic glory.
Best UFC Debut in History?
There are a lot of ways to impress UFC president and mastermind Dana White. The quickest way is to show it in the octagon. At UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, newly minted UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo did just that.
Female Fighter Records Incredibly Quick Knockout…Twice!
We have talked many times here at the WGRD MMA Page about the growing minor organizations for mixed martial arts. The raging debate about hot chicks fighting each other has already taken place. One thing all of us mixed martial arts fans cannot deny, though, is the love of a good knockout.
What Happens When UFC Opponents Meet in the Elevator?
A lot of times, combatants in the UFC show a lot of animosity towards each other (see: Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen) while others are respectful and stay level headed. While the fireworks may revolve around those high intensity explosions and tough talking, they don't always live up to the hype.
How To Make an Impression In the UFC!
As the parent company of the UFC continues to buy smaller promotions and fighter's contracts, the roster can seem like a revolving door at some times. Unless you are a big name fighter, there may be a sense of insecurity with all the additions and subtractions. One sure fire way to not lose your job…

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