Kindest Knockout in MMA History
Mixed martial arts is known for its brutal knockouts and vicious finishes. Most of the time, they end with one fighter punching or kicking or choking his opponent until the referee has to physically remove him from his unconscious opponent. Except for one fighter.
8 Reasons Every Guy Should Love MMA
There is no questioning what makes people love watching mixed martial arts. Athleticism, fist fighting, ring girls and the idea of two men entering and one leaving the victor are all reasons to tune in. Oh, and ring girls. Like all sports, though, it is the little things that keep people coming back…
UFC’s best moments: Part I
During this expanded downtime with an extended break from major UFC or mixed martial arts action (thanks a lot, cancelled Canadian event!), we here at WGRD are looking back at our earliest and in some cases, most fond MMA memories. Today is a visit down memory lane that lands as one of the best subm…
UFC mega fights lined up for 2012
This layoff from the usually consistent barrage of pay-per-view UFC events has us here at WGRD looking to the future for what is to come in 2012. As it turns out, the wait for the next month may just be worth it for the year that is in store.
Take a UFC Fighter to Work
If you’re not being heard at your place of employment, then listen carefully. 97.9 GRD and Boost Mobile wants to make sure someone listens to your gripes at your job. We call it "Take Your Fighter to Work".