Grand Rapids is Michigan’s Happiest City According to Science!
The people over at HomeSnacks took a look at all the towns and cities in Michigan to see where the happiest people in the state live. They saw a poll saying that only a third of Americans are happy, and decided to find all the happy people.
Grand Rapids, unsurprisingly, came in first place, having th…
This Video Shows What It’s Really Like to Be Tall
In case we haven't met in person, be warned.  I'm a tall guy.  Probably a little taller than is absolutely necessary.
A lot of people think it's just the coolest thing ever to be tall, but they don't take into consideration all the hassles that come with it.  This v…
Amazing Honest Flight Video Relays How We All Feel on Planes Now
Flying has become a crazed cattle-call, and you never know what you're going to get once you get to the airport.  When you're on the plane, things can get freaking weird!
This video pretty much covers all of it: from the random pilot ramblings, to the screaming babies, to the drunk asshat...even the …
Can We Legally Block Some People From Facebook – Or Life?
Sometimes you see things online that just blow your mind, don't you?  People you thought were cool, smart people, just become the dumbest people you wish you can deny ever having met.
But then, you're friends with them on Facebook.
Have a good laugh at these examples of why some people …