Got Nachos? You Too Could Have an Ohio Hooker
A nice lady who loves nachos was arrested in a small town near Youngstown, OH, on suspicion of prostitution. Funnily enough, she was arrested in Beaver Township, which makes this story just that much better.
She arranged her "date" on Backpage.com, and made damn sure the John booking the &q…
Ohio Man Refuses to Take Down Zombie Nativity Scene [Video]
The theme this holiday season seems to be "controversy." There were red cups, mental disorder sweaters, and now, zombie baby Jesus. Ohio man Jason Dixon says he's facing fines of up to $500 per day, just for keeping his zombie-themed nativity display in his front yard.
Craving for Hot Pockets Saves Man’s Life [Video]
On Thursday, a small jet crashed into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio. Although none of the passengers survived, all of the residents of the apartment were fine, because none of them were home. But that wouldn't have been the case if not for one resident's craving for Hot Pockets.

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