Even though this happened some time ago now, I still can't believe a news outlet made a geography mistake so egregious as to give away part of Michigan to Canada!

News Outlet Mistakes Michigan for Part of Canada

At this point, this mistake happened four years ago, but Michiganders will never forget how Fox News did us dirty. But hey, can you blame us? Someone at Fox News needs to go back to geography class, because they literally forgot that Michigan had an Upper Peninsula.

Here is the mistake in question, so that you might look upon it with thine own eyes...

Yes, that grey blob directly touching the northeastern part of Wisconsin, that's not Canada. That is, in fact, Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Because let's remember: Michigan has two peninsulas.

Before you claim "false news" or photoshop, Snopes confirms that this is the actual graphic displayed during Sean Hannity's broadcast four years ago.

Why is this still stuck in Michiganders craws after all this time? I think it's for a few reasons.

Why Do People Mistake Michigan for Canada?

First, Fox is a news outlet, and they probably shouldn't let something as simple as elementary school geography stump them.

And second, I think it's because Michiganders are very sensitive about the fact that our state is in two pieces. And that goes all the way back to the Toledo War...

Michigan has been a state since 1837 after the Toledo War where Michiganders and Ohioans fought over the Toledo strip, which was a piece of land along the Michigan and Ohio borders. At the end of the Toledo War, Ohio ended up with Toledo, and Michigan received the Upper Peninsula. And as it turns out, Wisconsin is super mad that the U.P. isn't considered part of their state, but they can get over it. 

The Upper Peninsula has been part of Michigan for 187 years, why does this still happen?

Also... Google exists...

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