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Dudes I Always Seem to Run Into at Metal Shows [List]
I have seen well over 200 concerts, which means I have most likely seen every kind of fan out there.
Arena shows, club shows, outdoor shows, basement shows. etc. I have seen them all! Because I have attended so many shows, I have begun to see similar fans at every show.
Metalhead Ned’s Favorite Video Game Consoles of All Time [List]
I knew that the time would come where I would have to list my favorite video game consoles of all time.
I spend a lot of my time on writing about video games and heavy metal.
I will say that I spend more time writing about video games though, because I love them...
What Should be the Next Episode of ‘This Level Sucks?’ [Video]
I have been playing some really good games, and some really bad games.
Trust me, I know a lot of video game levels that are just impossible. However I know there are a few games out there that I don't know, that's where you come in.
What should be the next This Level Sucks episode?
Games to Try Before You Die: GameBoy Golf
Yes, you read the title of this blog right.
A game that you need to play before you get buried into the ground is a simple game of Golf.
I know, it sounds boring but this game is actually a lot of fun to play when you have nothing else to play.
Metalhead Ned Heads to White Castle This Weekend [Video]
One of the few resteraunts that we do not have in the Grand Rapids area is White Castle.
Those tasty little steam grilled burgers that are shoved into tiny little boxes for your greasy enjoyment. What is the closest White Castle?
Howell, MI. This weekend, I will be traveling to that great location.
Metalhead Ned is Feeling Chicken Wing Overload [Video]
If you have been watching the sample videos for the upcoming King of the Wing competition, you'll see me in every single episode.
Out of the 4 places that we went, Janna was a one, Johnnie was at three, and I was at all four of them.
One Year Ago, Dave Brockie of GWAR Passed Away [Video]
I can't believe that it has been one entire year since the leader of the Scum Dogs of GWAR passed away.
Dave was one very unique soul who really didn't two craps of what people thought of him, and that's what I respected about him.
Early Memories of my First Computer [Video]
Believe it or not, before everyone had a smart phone, owning an actual computer was a luxury.
I can't think of one household that I know, friend and family, that does not own a computer. I am not just talking a game console, phone, etc. I'm talking a hardcore desktop computer. If computers …

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