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Busting Makes You Feel Good in Episode 12 of This Level Sucks [Video]
Pretty much everyone shoved this game off as a terrible game when it originally came out. But thanks to the YouTube gamer community, it has found new life as a game that just really sucks.
Especially a certain level that takes forever to get to, and when you get to it, you'll develop carpel tunn…
Who the Hell Signed This?
I have been cleaning out my office for the past week and I have begun to find a lot of random stuff. Anything from old entries, cheese balls, etc.
One random thing I found was this though, and it's been annoying me ever since I found it.
Finally Decided to Pick up WiiFitU on Nintendo WiiU [Video]
I hate to say it, but I am kind of a big guy.
Not a huge guy, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I have a membership to Planet Fitness, I go for walks randomly, etc. Nothing I would call a hardcore workout regimen though, which at some I hope to do.
As a supplement to hopefully losing a few pound…
Final Night of WGRD Bad Bowlers League Goes Out with a Bang! [Gallery]
I have been hosting the WGRD Bad Bowlers Leagues for a good few months, staring last year and ending last night at Fairlanes Bowling in Grandville.
It was sad to call it the last night, but I had such a good time! I hope everyone else involved was too!
Check out some of these pics from the final night…
Behold These Rancid Cheese Balls
Some movement recently occurred here at WGRD, nothing bad.
On the bright side, I have an entire office to myself! It's a big office that I am in the midst of moving things around to make it more manageable.
While moving things, I found something that I actually wasn't surprised by.
Less Than a Couple of Weeks Until Rock on the Range 2015
Thinking about going to Rock on the Range this year?
If you didn't know, the entire 3 day festival is sold out! Tons of great bands are playing this year, and like the years previous, you do not want to miss out on this sweet ass concert!

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