Jimmy Kimmel

Joss Stone Temple Pilots Debut on “Mash-Up Mondays” [Video]
While Joss Stone isn't the sort of singer one would expect to be the next frontwoman of Stone Temple Pilots, she earned the chance to prove her worth last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And although the soul singer may have just appeared for this one performance, the band name-Joss Stone Temple Pi…
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Explain Adultery [Video]
From time to time, Jimmy Kimmel sends a cameraman out on the streets to ask unsuspecting people some questions. Most times, the intent is to make people look stupid by asking simple questions, which always generate a series of ridiculous answers. This case was a little different.
President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself [Video]
President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Jimmy pointed out that the Prez, like George W. Bush before him, was catching some criticism for coming on the show.
Deciding to face the haters head on, the Commander in Chief did an all Obama edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets…

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