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Jackie Places Top 10 at Gazelle Girl Half Marathon
I think my body may still be recovering from this long weekend of running!
Sunday was the second annual Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5K in Grand Rapids. It is an all-female event sponsored by Nike to bring awareness and support of Title IX, a 1972 federal law protecting people from discriminati…
Jackie Races the Dopey Challenge: Part 3
Wow. It took me awhile to get to this one: Part 3 of my Dopey Challenge saga.
Why you ask?
Well, I really crashed and burned in Part 3, where I ran the half marathon at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.
If you aren't familiar with half marathons, that is 13.1 miles. Not to sound like I just go…
Jackie’s Race Progression
I normally see a photo of me running and think, BAH! AWFUL, every time. This past Saturday though I raced in, Duo On The Ledge, a half marathon in Grand Ledge. I was sent a series of pictures from the race progressing from mile 2 on up to 13. I had to share these mainly because the ones at miles …
Jackie’s Weekend Victories
Just making it to the weekend seems like a victory. Some weekends my victory is simple, maybe I have gotten to see some old friends, or drank some beer and went canoeing (both those things are always awesome!) This weekend though my victory was different. I last minute (literally the night before…
Jackie Finishes The Disney Half Marathon
Alright folks I did it! I just finished up the Walt Disney world half marathon! I'm pleased with my finish and now am ready for some fun in the sun!! So enjoy Michigan bitches! Bahaha! ;)