Justin Divorce Chronicles – Part 1
How do you cope with emotional pain? After months of being miserable, I think I am finally ready to open up about my divorce and some of the battles I silently endured in the process. These divorce blogs are raw, honest and unedited.
Here’s A Pretty Big ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fail
This was Wheel of Fortune contestant Kevin's big moment. At least, it SHOULD have been his big moment. But instead of correctly solving the puzzle with the answer "A Streetcar Named Desire" with only one letter missing, Kevin instead spun one more time and guessed the wrong letter.
Can We Legally Block Some People From Facebook – Or Life?
Sometimes you see things online that just blow your mind, don't you?  People you thought were cool, smart people, just become the dumbest people you wish you can deny ever having met.
But then, you're friends with them on Facebook.
Have a good laugh at these examples of why some people …

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