Red Sun Rising Dressed Up As Pop Evil for Halloween [Photo]
Red Sun Rising is a really cool band from Ohio who's rocked Grand Rapids a couple times in the past few months!
In August they hit the Intersection with Pop Evil for the CD release party of PE's new album "Up" on "Pop Evil Day" here in Grand Rapids.
The bands were back together at …
GRD Goes Shopping for Halloween Costumes at KostumeRoom [Video]
GRD has our big Silver Screen Scream Costume Party on Halloween night and the BOB, so of course we need costumes! Janna and I will be wandering around with a pocket full of prizes for people who find us, and we'll have other station friends wandering around in costume, too!
Get your tickets, or …
Wayne’s World One-Man Costume
This had me laughing pretty good this morning. What a brilliant costume! This guy did Wayne's World, and he's BOTH Wayne and Garth... Check it out.
Jackie Emcees First Ever Grand Rapids Comicon
Over the weekend I was asked to dress up in my finest super hero apparel and emcee the costume contest at the first ever, Grand Rapids Comicon! Woa... little did I know that I am not the only person who adorns the geek cloth... Some of these people know how to bring it! The turn out at the comico…
Jackie Gets Corpse-y for Halloween
Many of you saw me milling around the Halloween Hellraiser dressed as Tim Burton's, Corpse Bride! What an outstanding night! I was so proud of my costume (that I made myself) That I simply had to share! It's crazy what some fabric dye, scissors, a wig and some makeup can do...