Vote for the Band to Open the Wayland Show November 23rd
It's time for you to pick the band to complete the lineup of the Hometown Holiday Extravaganza! Wayland, Devin & the Dead Frets, and The Autumnatic are looking for another great GR band to play the show.
We've gotten a lot of great submissions, now it's time for you to vote and…
Funny Things Drummers Say in the Studio
If you've been in a band, you've probably heard your drummer say some of these things.  It wouldn't even have to be in the studio, it could be in rehearsal, at a show, or just when they're hanging out screwing around on the kit.
People in bands are funny.  The only thing…
Fired Slipknot Drum Tech Confirms New Band Member Identities
If you're trying to keep a secret, things can get difficult if someone in the inner circle gets fired.  So far, Slipknot has tried (not very successfully) to keep the identities of their new members a secret.
Today, this has officially ended.
The new former drum tech for Slipknot, Norm Costa…
One Man Street Band Plays Star Wars Theme Song!
I've never seen a street performer do something like this, and I would totally give them money if I did!  Swedish street performer Anders Flanderz rocks this one mand band version of the Star Wars theme!  Geek out with this guy and Star Wars!