Grand Rapids Business Ranks Second in Alcohol Sales in Michigan
MLive compiled a list of the bars in Michigan that buy and sell and lot of alcohol each year, and Detroit dominates the entire list. Not a surprise, since you probably have to drink a lot to be able to live in Detroit, haha! But last year, one Grand Rapids business not only shows up in the top 20, b…
Monroe is the Drunkest City in Michigan and We Know Why
MSN did a "scientific" study of "all" the cities in each state, to determine which city in every state is the drunkest! They looked at the number of people binge drinking in each state, each city, and the number of alcohol-rated accidents, to make their decisions.
Monroe turns out…
Amazon Launches One-Hour Booze Delivery
If you've ever been at a BBQ that's run out of beer, you know how revolutionary this is: Amazon is launching a booze delivery service.
The lucky folks of Seattle are the first to get Prime Now, a mobile app available to Amazon Prime members, with one-hour delivery on thousands of items…

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