Imagine trying to endure a family Christmas without the assistance of alcohol. Well, for many years that's exactly what life was like around the holidays in Michigan.

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For years, Michiganders had to purchase their booze before the holidays if they wanted to celebrate Christmas (with a cocktail) with family and friends. If you lived in Michigan, you were not allowed to buy alcohol from 9 pm on Christmas Eve through 7 am on December 26. It was illegal to buy alcohol on Christmas Day. That law was finally repealed in 2010.

Is it Legal to Buy Alcohol on Sundays in Michigan?

For the longest time, you couldn't buy alcohol on Sundays in Michigan either. That law also changed and you can purchase alcohol starting at 7 am in stores and restaurants that are permitted to sell alcohol. If you try to buy alcohol from a store or restaurant that doesn't have a permit to sell on Sundays before noon, you will be denied.

The first Sunday morning sales were allowed on December 19, 2010.


Is It Legal to Buy Alcohol on Christmas Day in Michigan?

Yes and no.

The same legislation that allows Sunday morning alcohol sales in the state also permits sales on Christmas Eve through 11:59 pm and on Christmas Day after noon.

Therefore, while you can purchase alcohol on Christmas Day, sales are restricted until after 12 pm.

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The only problem that you may face is finding a store that is open on Christmas day as more and more businesses are moving away from being open during the holiday.

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