A Nirvana tribute album is apparently in the works to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album Nevermind.  Two bands confirmed so far are Story of the Year and Hawthorne Heights.

In an interview with Riverfront Times, SOTY frontman Dan Marsala revealed that the group will cover Nirvana's "Breed".

"It's for a Nirvana tribute album," said Marsala.  "It's for the 20th anniversary of Nevermind.  Hawthorne Heights and some other bands are on it.  I'm not sure about when it's coming out."

"It's funny: Ryan [Phillips, guitarist] and I met when we were fifteen.  We would get together and cover Nirvana and Green Day songs.  It was '95-ish. He wanted to play with me because he thought I sounded like Kurt Cobain."

Hawthorne Heights drummer Eron Bucciarelli confirmed to Alternative Press that the group will record their own rendition of "Lithium".

What do you think?  Does it make sense to have Story of the Year and Hawthorne Heights cover Nirvana songs?  No word yet on who else is on the tribute album.  Considering Nevermind was released in September of '91 and sold over 26 million copies worldwide, I wouldn't be surprised if the tribute came out this fall.

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